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Country:  United Kingdom Activity Since:  2016
Musical Genre: Urban and HipHop
Artist Type: Lyrics Composer

About the artist...

Kali is a Nottingham born and bred rapper/ singer. His favourite artists are Migos, Santan Dave, Aj Tracey, Drake, Giggs, Section boys, future and his personal favourite Lil Uzi. Kali aims to portray his music in an image that is more for the ears of females; as this is what ILL represents. His background is not of a rough upbringing however, he was not spoon fed either. Due to where Kali lives, Kali has captured the name "posh boy" as he lives in the country side on the outskirts of Nottingham. Growing confident of his talent in church he is now aiming to broadcast his talents to the world as much as he can. Kali supports arsenal and his hobbies include football food and reading.


Di$play Kali - DRIP
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