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Jo Conti Band

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Country:  Italy Activity Since:  2008
Musical Genre: Pop
Artist Type: Singer

About the artist...

Born in Palermo (Sicily) on 15 July 1982, star sign Cancer. Since his childhood shows passion for music and performance. He enjoys different auditions in local and regional broadcasting station in order to become a presenter but with no good results. He starts to attend singing lessons trying different kind of music genre from lyric to modern polyphonic which will be his favourite one. Right now he’s keep studying in order to improve his singing and to reach the best of it! Jo has a powerful vocal range as a tenor soprano and in 2008 he starts performing in private party and clubs in Palermo. In 2009 he meets Rossana Barbarossa, famous singer and talent scout, who introduce him in singing kermises in Rome on January 17 2010. The show is broadcast on TV and Jo performs with a Laura Pausini song “IO CANTO”( she is his favourite singer). On February 2012 he starts to collaborate with musicians as Felice e Alessandro Severa, with them he writes and produce a song “CANTO PER DIRTI CHE TI AMO” which will be introduce to the public in digital support from EDIT MUSIC and GIBIS PRODUZIONI MUSICALI and transmitted on Italian radio station. On May 2012 he enjoy contests like “HYUNDAI MUSIC AWARDS 2012” announced for his record company “UNIVERSAL MUSIC” and “PREMIO BINDI” with songs “E SE ADESSO STAI PIANGENDO” e “SOLTANTO IPOCRISIA” which are the results from the collaboration with Felice ed Alessandro Severa and songwriter Alessandro Naccarato. On July 2016 he publish his first studio album “PASSAPORTO PER L’INFERNO”, made of 14 songs realized with the collaboration with different authors and composers. This Album is on air in radio and in internet all over the country.


Soltanto ipocrisia
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