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Go So High Edutainment

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Country:  Uganda Activity Since:  Not specified
Musical Genre: Pop
Urban and HipHop
Others Sounds
Artist Type: Composer
Lyrics Composer

About the artist...

Go so High Edutainment was founded in 2015 by a younger Artist Jem.P. Ronnie real names (Wasswa Ronald) with the aim of creating awareness to most dangers this world faces through music, By empowering, educating, and entertaining at-large with a slogan "When words fail, music speaks" So he using this to rise the voices of those who are not hard fighting their freedom, creating a awareness, empowering others developing and educating others especially the fellow youth children and marginalized people all over the world. He has many inspirational songs and in includes 1.Go High 2.Come together for a better world. 3.Build a Cancer Free World 4.Save the younger girls child 5.Happy Day 6.Me and You can Change the World And many others


Come Together For a Better World
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