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Quad H

- WWMC Fan: 1

Country:  Japan Activity Since:  2014
Musical Genre: Urban and HipHop
Artist Type: Bass player
Guitar player
Keyboard player
Lyrics Composer

About the artist...

In 2014, the Queen Bee of hip hop, Apis Adrenafunkis, concerned about the declining bee population of the world, decided to form a Hip Hop Superhero team. Channeling the power of Royal Magic Honey, she put out the call, in the form of a Supersonic Funk Wave. Many responded, traveling from all over the galaxy. They arrived at the Hip Hop Hive only to face a terrifying gauntlet of tests. Only two survived. They became what the world would know as: Quad H. Personnel: Polish-Canadian Beatmaster V (Vocals and Keyboards) toured the world extensively, traveling on a laser beam. After amassing a staggering collection of sunglasses, he began to hone his rapping skills by arguing in rhyme with anyone he could find. After a rap battle with the Dalai Lama on top of Mt. Shishapangma, he heard the call to the Hip Hop Hive coming through the speakers of his RC-M90 boombox. He has a distinct stage presence known as Pretending-To-Know-How-To-Dance. Genuine Brag (Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar) arrived on Earth in late 2084. Under the noses of our Robot Overlords, he constructed a time machine out of the remains of Flavor Flav’s clock and a spare flux capacitor. First traveling back to 1972, where he collaborated with Curtis Mayfield in writing the soundtrack to Superfly, he then traveled forwards to 2014 where he joined Quad H, all the while working on his ultimate goal: getting back to the future.


Sonic Heart Attack
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Get Your Rollerskates On
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Robot Panda
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Time Is The Simplest Thing
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Spiritual Lounge

Sapporo, Japan

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