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Charlie Millikin

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Country:  United States Activity Since:  2010
Musical Genre: Pop
Artist Type: Guitar player
Lyrics Composer
Music Producer

About the artist...

Born into a family of musicians, singers and songwriters, Charlie's unquenchable passion for great music and melodies seemed only natural. At the age of 6 he was singing and performing with his siblings for family and friends. It wasn't until high school though that he really got the bug, and flourished. Charlie brought down the house during his senior year Christmas concert with a sweet, emotional rendition of Kenny Loggins' classic "Celebrate Me Home". At 18 he picked up the guitar and hasn't looked back, playing solo gigs while working and attending school. In the Summer of 2012 he won a Tri-State Talent Contest, and was invited to Dallas to audition for Season 5 of "The Voice".


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