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1. Moscato is a band, what is your story?
We originally formed with a sole purpose in mind what started out as a regular jam session between Jo & Monkey (Adrian) inspirited Jo to take the next step & record not only for herself but with the determination to pull together a complete album of local musicians which would help raise awareness or Auto Immune Disorders having all proceeds go to Arthritis QLD. In the early stages Jo & Erin crossed paths and it was believed a saxophone would complement the Jamming duo. This was not only the birth of Moscato but of three beautiful friendships we are blessed to have. Within 13 weeks of our first rehearsal we completed our first of what will be many recording with the amazing Tom Fodor of “Audiosapain Records” Brisbane QLD. These original songs were placed alongside original pieces written and performed by some of the most unique and talented musicians Makay has to offer, all with one goal in mind, to raise awareness with an album called “Broken Silence”.

As we drove the grueling 10+ hour trip back to our hometown we were in awe of what we had achieved in such a short period of time. The common travelers question of “Are we there yet?” was replaced with “Wow did that really just happen?”. Now knowing what could be accomplished our minds were filled with possibilities and we were eager to work on our next E.P. A decision was made to record again in 6 months releasing E.P. “Rise Above” with Erin reliving Jo of lead vocals whose lungs (due to Auto Immune Disorders) were not strong enough. We have also recently welcomed two very talented musicians to Moscato with Kristen Findlay (Vocals) and Kerin Shaw on bas with our newest release of E.P. “Unshiny”. Thanking you for allowing us to share with you our music. Hope you enjoy it!

2. Can you tell us more about “Pendulum”?
The song “Pendulum” was written by Erin English and Monkey and Jo, collaborated the music. Pendulum is about domestic violence and child abuse, pulling heart strings with the sadness and ignorance to these offences.

3. How did you record the song? home recording or studio?
Audiosapain studios, we have up to date recorded all our music here mixed and mastered.

4. How important was the presence of a prize in signing up to WWMC?
Yeah…LOL strangely enough when we entered the competition we laughed and selected 3rd price as it is fantastic for songwriting.

5. What else would you like to see in a website like WWMC?
We found this site very helpful, useful and convenient and were happy to be part of it.

6. Do you see the web as an advantage to increase your visibility?
Yes very much so, we can spread our music all over the world, reaching countries and communities we can only dream of.

7. What are Moscato’s plans for the future?
We are eager to start work on another album and also playing with a DJ who is interested in doing a DJ mix on some of our tunes, though we will forever stay true to ourselves, a dance mix version is exciting.

8. Did you read the profiles of the jury that assigned you the prize? they are extremely qualified and it would be interesting if they caught your attention; did you know that one of them was the first guitarist of Police with Sting and Stuart Copeland?
Yes we did read the profiles and very happy and inspired, also gratifying to know that somebody who is at the top of the music industry has appreciated our work for a prize.