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1. "Speed Changes” could be referred to the actual musical structure of the song but also to the speed of changes in the globalisation of music in the world. Do you agree to that? who influenced you most in your music?
Yes I'm agreed with your first and second supposes! My influences are after "Bitches brew" album-the jazz groups.

2. Do you have a regular group or do you compose and play by yourself? had a group. Prefer all to be performed by real musicians!
3. How did you find worldwidemusicontest and what convinced youth participate? To the WWMC attracted me the simplicity also the lack of an entrance tax!
4. What would you like to see more in a website dedicated to musicians? More offers for a real jobs-invitations for festivals,gigs and recordings.
5. If you look at the list of winners of this edition, you will see that it is truly global; music has no boundaries and is a common language worldwide. What are your thoughts on this? You are totally wright. All is global.
6. Did you listen to the other songs that won? what is your opinion? Yes I heard the 1-st prize, also putts likes to almost every winner in his category. After I heard the other suggestions specially in the instrumental category honestly, I thought that I had wronged with my piece because it's sounded too jazzy.
7. What are your musical plans for the future? To meet the wright people and to record all my compositions
8. WWMC will have a new website online shortly, will you participate to the next contests as well? ….if God wills.