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The World Wide Music Contest is all about new bands, solo artists and composers. Participation to the World Wide Music Contest is open to all unsigned musicians, from any part of the world and any age (for restrictions on minors see art. 8 of Terms). Join for free to automatically enjoy the BASS profile: you will be able to upload one of your compositions. No charges, no commitment, just sign up and upload your song. There are three major contests a year and you automatically qualify for all of them. If you want to increase you chances, check out the MIDDLE or TREBLE profiles and compare the benefits you can get from each. All uploaded songs are broadcasted 24/7 on the World Wide Music Contest Radio, the first worldwide radio entirely dedicated to unsigned musicians.
The participants of the World Wide Music Contest will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Originality
  • Music & Melody
  • Vocal performance
  • Arrangement
  • Potential

Fifth and Sixth Edition has ended!

Hello Musicians of the World!
The fifth and sixth editions of the World Wide Music Contest have ended 3rd of May at 00:00 PM GNT+1. The new edition starts on May 5th. For all you musicians who have posted songs and videos here is what happens next: Within March 23rd the public vote and our internal panel of experts will select the top 50 finalists that will be handed over to our independent jury.
All the participants to the current contest automatically qualify for the next edition that starts on May 5th, the only thing we ask of you is to change your song within a reasonable time and you will receive a mail reminding you to do so. So stay tuned and get your friends to start voting for you again and listen to all of the songs on WWMC Radio!

Winners - WWMC 2016 - 4° Edition

2017 Ongoing 7th Contest: World Wide Music Contest

Starting date: 2017-05-05

Ending date: 2017-07-05


Here is the current ranking of all the participants. Get your Fans to register and vote; the more votes you get, the higher your chances of winning! Fans and Artists can vote for their favorite songs. Vote your favourite song as many times as you want with the only limitation being that there must be at list 12 hours between one vote and the following for each song you vote for.




These are your individual profile pages where you can keep the community updated on your activities, including an interactive personal blog for you to communicate directly with your fans.


Our jury is an international group of highly qualified worldwide known professionals; check out their individual profiles and see them on video.

The intriguing Corsican: Henry Padovani, was the original guitarist in ThePolice, forming the band with Sting & Stewart Copeland and remains one ofSting’s closest friends. He was the guitar player in Wayne County & TheElectric Chairs & plays with his own, long-established psycho-garage, thrashpunk,instrumental trio – The Flying Padovani’s. He is also lead judge on theFrench X Factor and a regular contributor to many French TV shows, with a new live music series (think "Later") coming up next year, based around Henry & Paris’ famous Le Gibus club. Together with Mary de Vivo of Le Reservoir, herepresents the affairs of the Briggite Bardot Estate and IP and represents Mark St. John’s and Cayman Music’s Bob Marley interests in France. With all this, he also manages to operate a career as a major record producer and a successful solo artist, orking live alongside many major US artists in France. He has arguably the smelliest dog in Paris & is the funniest uy we know. He was the manager of Zucchero, and broke the band REM in the UK, when he ran IRS Records. He nows a true story about Pavorotti’s underpants...... ! To say that Henry Padovani enjoys a wide-ranging career. Would be a mild understatement! We are lucky enough to be heavily involved in all of Henry’s musical activities, and producing and representing his new solo record, which will shortly be completed, after the addition of strings in Gothenberg and the addition of specific guest artists like Marianne Faithfull and Dick Taylor. This will be Henry’s first ever totally solo, principally acoustic, one man record, with the body of the material being written by him. It is a major work, and the response to the first mixes has been immensely positive and very, very xciting. Henry’s input and energy has also been a huge part of developing the career of CBBR writer and singer Sacha Morgan, whom we intend to sign in France, where she has already been well received and is beginning to become known. Sacha appears on Henry’s album and he is featured on hers. It is a wonderful and highly effective relationship, giving benefit to both parties. Henry is a unique, highly experienced writer and an incredible guitarist, with a range of songs and titles that is breathtaking. He has had much success historically as a co-writer and performer, and we are priviliged to have been chosen to publish the new album and all Henry’s future works, which we believe will be very successful throughout Europe and in the UK & USA... And he is always busy with "The Flying Padovani’s"... they are the chosen artist’s of representation of London’s "Ace Cafe" the home of rock n oll and bikers, and they are the partnering artists for Harley Davidson throughout the EU, a huge honour.Henry Padovani is a truly International artist and personality, and has an open invitation everywhere – just don’t let him bring the dog! Key Songs: "Give Me Love", "Tu Reviendras", "I Am Spartacus".

Steve has been involved in the music business for over 35 years!First as an artist in original 1977 punk rock band Menace and for many years the right hand man oflegendary music business entrepreneur and Police manager Miles Copeland an association which saw Steve rise through the ranks of the industry finding success along the way with such legendary names as REM, The Police, Sting, Duran Duran Black Sabbath, and a host of other major artists. Indeed his associations were such that he was involved in all the facets of the business from running an independent record label (IRS acts included REM, The GoGos and The Alarm), handling management duties alongside Miles at Firstars Ltd and helming a successful publishing company. (Bugle Songs) His first love remains the creative process and he has owned and operate his own company Espressos Songs Ltd for the last few years which is a management and rights company. ! Steve is currently overseeing a career retrospective for legendary Cream drummer Ginger Baker and has an extensive knowledge of the new digital rights landscape advising heritage artists and new artists on how to organise their affairs in an ever changing business environment.! His address book is enviable with contacts and relationships stretching across the spectrum of Music and Entertainment professionals in the UK,Europe and North America.

Currently active in artist management, production and music publishing through his company Pecunia Entertainment in Rome, Adrian is also founding partner of artist and songwriter service In his long career in the music industry Adrian has worked with many of the top Anglo-American, European and Latin artists. He has held the position of Music Consultant at EA (Electronic Arts) Europe, world leader in the games industry, and previously President and CEO of BMG Ricordi in Rome and Milan until the Sony-BMG merger. He joined BMG as Managing Director in 1996 from Polygram (now Universal) in Milan where he was MD of Polydor Records. Previously Marketing Director of Polygram International in London (1986-1990), he also has work experience in the music industry in The Netherlands and Argentina

Dynamic, goal oriented senior executive with 25+ years experience in the entertainment business, multinational, multisector corporate (B2B, B2C) management,production, sales, and marketing environments.Currently embarked as a partner on a new and challenging project in the music festival and social media scene called Youfest.Other relevant previous jobs and positions include; - Managing Director Universal Music Entertainment (1994-1998) - Managing Director Universal Music Entertainment (1994-1998) - CEO Universal Music Spain (1998-2003) - CEO Universal Music Spain (1998-2003) - Managing Director, Executive producer, and partner "Hoy no me puedo levantar", biggest theatrical musical represented in Spain (2004-2007) - - Executive producer "The diary of Anne Frank" (2008-2009)

I’ve already overpassed 30 years of experience in the showbiz, mainly in the music business and most of them have been in a record company: Polygram who then became Universal. There I held several positions, product management, head of promotions, press officer, marketing director, A&R and international exploitation director, deputy managing director, going through all the aspects of an Artist career. I had the chance to meet and work with some of the most incredible talents of the International and Italian music scene, too many to be mentioned! Currently I’m involved in Artists production and management, in the creative aspects of Live concerts and I’m also exploring new avenues as theater and tv and most of all I continue to be obsessed with quality!

Jay Durgan has for the past four years served as CMO at Silicon Valley technology start-up, MediaMobz. Prior relocating to the Bay Area, Jay headed Warner Music International’s business development efforts throughout the world excluding USA from their London headquarters between 2004 and 2007. Jay was head of global marketing at Warner Music from January 2000 and headed international marketing for both Universal Music Group and PolyGram North America between 1998 and 1999 and 1996 and 1998 respectively. Jay has during his long and successful stint in the music industry worked with and contributed to the global careers of music recording artists like Bryan Adams, Police, Sting, Sheryl Crow, Janet Jackson, Bon Jovi, Shania Twain, Boyz II Men, Stevie Wonder, Michael Buble, Linkin Park and many more.

Stuart Epps' musical career began in 1967 as a 15-year old office junior at Dick James Music. He quickly moved up the industry ladder to become Chief Engineer at DJM Studios, then later toured the USA with Elton John as personal assistant. Stuart was involved from the start when Elton's producer, the late Gus Dudgeon, built The Mill Studios on the banks of the Thames, near Maidenhead. It was not long before Dudgeon asked Epps to become Chief Engineer, Studio Manager and Producer.

In recent years he has continued to work with big name artists to great acclaim, as well as helping a host of promising new and up-and-coming artists to sound their best, both on demo recordings and in full studio productions. With decades of experienced garnered from working with the very best musicians at the top of the industry, coupled with a real love for music, Stuart has an intuitive knack for knowing just what will make each track sound most authentic, a deep understanding of musicians and their needs and a clearheaded, dedicated approach to getting the job done. The Flower Power era – and a 15-year-old music fanatic living right in the midst of it. Just out of school, Stuart Epps landed a job which was to influence the rest of his life. He took his first step into the music business as an errand boy for Dick James, the man who discovered the Beatles. Stuart says about the beginnings of his career: "Even though I was only the errand boy, I had stepped into an exciting world". With a lot of ambition he worked his way up through being a disc cutter / tape copier and assistant engineer to the position of producer in only two years. During that time he became friends with the still relatively unknown Elton John and his manager Steve Brown and decided to become part of his career. At 18 years of age, he accompanied Elton John as his personal assistant on his US tour and experienced Elton’s sky rocketing career at first hand. Stuart was also A&R Manager for Rocket Records where he also co-managed Kiki Dee. In 1974, producer Gus Dudgeon asked him if he would like to work in his studio – the now legendary Mill Studios – which he was just in the process of building. "Construction took two years and resulted in the most noble, and most modern studio of its time", says Stuart. There he rediscovered his true passion for recording and producing. "To experience an album or a song taking shape from the demo version to the final master is a great feeling", Stuart said. He worked on many projects with artists including Elton John and Chris Rea. Later, Jimmy Page bought the studio in the early 80’s and Stuart became the Studio Manager and began to work with Heavy Rock artists like Led Zeppelin.

After gathering enough experience, he took over Alvin Lee’s private studio "Wheeler End" in 1994 and turned it into a residential commercial studio. Among his customers were John Leckie (Beatles, Stone Roses, Muse) and Craig Leon (The Ramones, Blondie). He also worked on his projects with Oasis, Robbie Williams , Mark Owen  and Paul Weller. Up to this day, Stuart  is actively involved in the music business and also instructs students at the SAE in Oxford He says: "I have always felt privileged to have a career that I am passionate about".


Prizes can change according to the contest, the current prize for this contest is:


  • Interview with Niji Magazine
  • Interview with Songwriting Magazine
  • A concert organised by Tbaims in Tampa - Florida
  • Video Interview with WWMC
  • Audio interview with WWMC
  • WWMC Radio Campaign (many passes on air daytime)
  • WWMC Socials Campaign (Tw, Fb, Pinterest, Linkedin, VK, Instagram, Google+, Weibo, Youtube, Flick)


  • Interview with Niji Magazine
  • Interview with Songwriting Magazine
  • A concert organised by Tbaims in Tampa - Florida
  • Video Interview with WWMC
  • Audio interview with WWMC
  • WWMC Radio Campaign (many passes on air daytime)
  • WWMC Socials Campaign (Tw, Fb, Pinterest, Linkedin, VK, Instagram, Google+, Weibo, Youtube, Flick)